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Our office provides accurate and TIMELY reporting for all medical legal matters including Independent Medical Evaluations, Depositions, Mediation/Arbitration and Court appearances.

Dr. Hannani has provided hundreds of testimonies on behalf of plaintiffs as well as defendants.  He has been instrumental in the settlement of multiple catastrophic injuries/claims.



Prompt reporting


Spine injuries/surgeries

Cost of care analysis

Standard of care


Specialties/Services (Area of Expertise)

Our office provides many expert reviews including defense and plaintiff evaluations. We specializing in spinal injuries including surgery for neck or back injuries, disc herniations, sciatica, fractures, spinal nerve or cord injuries, discectomies, fusions, minimally invasive and spinal reconstructive surgery. Our practice is focused on patient treatment; however, Dr. Hannani is very experienced in performing medical legal reviews and IMEs.

The majority of IME”s performed are for defendants; however, our office has extensive experience with 3rd party liability cases when treating our own patients as well.

Please use the form below or contact the office to discuss retainer agreement; Dr. Hannani requires a short phone discussion regarding the case prior to agreeing to serve as an Expert Witness to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.


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