Experiencing sciatica? Talk to an orthopedist

A burning sensation or a sharp, shooting pain radiating from your lower back or buttock and running down your leg. A tingling or pins-and-needles feeling in the back of your leg. Weakness in the leg or foot. What do these symptoms have in common? They are all associated with sciatica, a condition that as many as 40 percent of us experience — and one that becomes increasingly common as we age.

At the offices of K Hannani MD, Inc our orthopedists are highly trained specialists treating spinal conditions like sciatica, which chiefly occurs when the sciatic nerve in your lower back gets pinched or compressed. We assess the symptoms our patients are experiencing and employ an array of clinical and other tests to determine what’s causing your pain. These may include a herniated or degenerative disc, a narrowing within the spine known as stenosis, dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint near the base of the spine, or muscle spasms.

Sciatica symptoms, which usually affect only one leg, can make it painful for sufferers to sit for even brief periods, and cause difficulties when standing up, bending, and twisting the spine. The condition may be aggravated when lying down, making sleep uncomfortable. When a patient’s symptoms are not addressed promptly and have progressed to the point where treatments including physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, massage, and medication have failed to alleviate the pain, surgery may be considered.

At the offices of K Hannani MD, Inc, we have years of experience diagnosing and treating patients for sciatica and other conditions of the back and spine. When you put yourself in our care, rest assured that you are receiving the finest, state-of-the-art treatment. Our friendly, highly qualified staff prioritizes our patients’ comfort and well-being during each visit. You don’t have to live with this debilitating pain any longer. Call us today to arrange a consultation.

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