Among the many problems we encounter as we age, there is one that stands out as a real threat to the mobility we tend to take for granted — a condition known as osteoporosis, which works to make your bones weak, increasing the chance that they will crack or break — even the bones of your spine.

The good news is that everyone with spinal problems can benefit from the expertise of the professionals at the office ofKambiz Hannani, MD. We are devoted to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders and deformities of the spinal column, providing treatment options that can help our patients lead happier and more productive lives.

Osteoporosis causes the vertebrae in the spine to weaken, making them narrower and flatter. This can make elderly patients shorter and lead to a rounded back, a hump or a “bent forward look” to the spine. In turn, the weakened vertebrae are at a high risk for developing a compression fracture, which occurs when too much pressure is placed on a weakened vertebra and the front of it cracks and loses height. The result is back pain that often gets worse with motion.

Although you can’t completely reverse osteoporosis, there are ways to manage it through diet and exercise. For pain, simple measures such as a short period of rest and the use of medications are often all that is needed to treat the condition. In some cases, patients will wear a brace to restrict movement and allow the vertebral compression fracture to heal. However, if you have severe pain that does not respond to conservative treatments, minimally-invasive surgical procedures may be the best option, followed by physical therapy.

At the office of Kambiz Hannani, MD, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality of skilled and compassionate orthopedic spinal care. For more information on our office and the many services we provide, give us a call today.

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